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Sexual and Reproductive Health and You

Welcome to our Sexual and Reproductive Health Education page.  We're glad you stopped by!

Whether you need to refresh your memory or learn new information, we hope our slideshows and quizzes will get you the information you need to make good sexual and reproductive health choices and stay healthy.

Each slide show has a quiz with a link embedded.  Use the red arrows at the top right of each slide show to move forwards and backwards through the presentation.  View the slideshow, which is "go at your own pace," and then take the quiz to see how much information you learned. 

If you'd like to have your name entered in a random weekly drawing for a $25 gas, fast food or other type of gift card, please fill in your name, phone/email and age in the blank at the bottom of the quiz answer form.* The program is set up to only let you take each quiz once.  But the more quizzes you take, the better your chances of winning. 

Want to take the quizzes, but don't want the prizes?  Just don't put your name on the quiz answer form. Don't want to take the quiz at all?  That's ok too! Just scroll through the slideshows, learn, and go!

*Prizes for ages 14 -21 years only.