Our Services

Adolescent and Young Adult Reproductive Health

In addition to its regular operating funds, Good Neighbor Community Health Center has received grant funding from the Women's Fund of Omaha.  The funding aims to increase sexual health knowledge of youth and improve health outcomes by providing:

  • Barrier-free access to STD testing and treatment.
  • Highly effective forms of contraception to reduce STDs and unintended pregnancies, particularly among young people of all genders, ages 24 and younger.  
  • STD education, testing, and treatment.

If you are thinking about starting to use birth control or changing your birth control method, make an appointment to talk with us about which method is best for YOU!

Your appointment is completely confidential.  You can come to your appointment by yourself, with a friend, a parent or other family member.

Available Contraceptives

  • Nexplanon insertion and removal (Columbus location only)
  • IUD (4, 7, or 10 year)
  • Depo-Provera (3 month injection)
  • Various doses of Birth Control Pills
  • Condoms

Cost for Services

Age 24 and younger – Free services