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Behavioral Health

It's normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, or angry. Working with a Behavioral Health provider can help. Good Neighbor has many experienced professionals who work together to provide our clients and patients the best possible care.

Our Services

Our behavioral health team includes a psychiatrist and other physicians, therapists, social workers, and substance abuse counselors who work together to provide the best care possible. We are experienced in treating a wide variety of behavioral health problems including:

  • ADHD management.                           
  • Anxiety.
  • Child and adolescent problems
  • Chronic disease
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Life changes
  • Managing stress
  • Substance use
  • Trauma

Our Behavioral Health team is now offering virtual visits. Talk to your provider from the comfort of your home. Virtual visits work on any web-connected device with a camera and microphone: your tablet, laptop, or phone can be used. If you are interested in this service, talk to your provider about making your next visit virtual. 

Making An Appointment--First Steps

If you are interested in Behavioral Health (BH) services, the first thing you need to do is make a screening appointment with one of our BH case managers, Rachael and Jessica.

The screening appointment typically lasts one hour. You will be asked to bring a list of your medications with you to the appointment. Any paperwork, background information, and releases that are needed will also be done at this appointment.

No medications will be prescribed at the screening appointment.

For appointments in Columbus, call Jessica at (402) 562-7500 ext 272.

For appointments in Fremont call the Behavioral Health Front Desk at 402-721-0951 option 3 or follow the prompts for behavioral health. For specific questions please contact BH Case Manager at 402-721-0951 ext. 135.

Paying For Services

Our services are for everyone, no matter your age or income level. We accept all insurances, and Medicaid. We can also help you enroll in assistance programs you may qualify for.

  • Services are provided on a sliding-fee scale according to your household income.
  • No one will be denied services at our clinics based on an inability to pay.
  • The base charge for a medical exam at our lowest income level is $35.00.
  • The sliding fee scale is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Behavioral health services are funded in whole, or in part by federal, state, and/or county funds from Region 4 and Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare.