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Dr. Rashmi Ojha

Dr. Rashmi Ojha

Dr. Rashmi Ojha is a board-certified psychiatrist offering behavioral health services at Good Neighbor Fremont. Originally from Nepal, a Himalayan nation in Asia, Dr. Ojha received her medical education in the Philippines. She completed her residency in Psychiatry through the Creighton/Nebraska Psychiatry Residency Program and has been in Nebraska ever since.

Dr. Ojha’s first job after residency was at Good Neighbor Community Health Center in Columbus. She then worked for a time at Douglas County Hospital, returning to practice at Good Neighbor Fremont in Feb. 2018.

Dr. Ojha says, “The most important reason I enjoy working for Good Neighbor is that I get to see all the patients regardless of their ability to pay for services. I also like the overall theme of our organization that 'no patients will be turned away'.”